4 Reasons Why You May Need a Break from ExerciseYou probably understand that exercise can be very beneficial. It can help you keep medical conditions, illness and infection at bay. It also improves natural levels of “feel good” chemicals in your brain, and aside from feeling great, you look good in the process.

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. There are a lot of reasons why you may need to take a break from exercise. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you, you might want to take a chill pill and slow down your physical fitness efforts.

You Are Overdoing It

You started to see some results, so you began exercising more frequently. More results appear, so now you are working out intensely every single day. Hey, it’s great you are getting some results. But if you overwork your body, it will fail you.

That means that while you are recuperating, many of the results you achieved are lost. Scale back if you think you might be overdoing it with your exercise efforts. You only need 3 to 5 sessions of moderate to intense physical activity each week to enjoy the healthy benefits exercise offers.

You Are Becoming a Perfectionist

If you spend a lot of time obsessing in front of a mirror about your physically fit body, you may need to dial back the exercise-ometer. Some people become way too focused on building the “perfect” body. Exercising and working out should be about physical and mental health, and not pushing each and every muscle on your body to a level of perfection that continues to seem just out of reach.

You Always Feel Sore

Anytime you exert physical force on your body, you tear your muscles. This is a natural reaction, and when you supply your body with proper nutrition, your muscles actually heal and grow back stronger than before. This is how you notice muscles building on your body after several sessions of exercise.

It is also natural to feel a little sore after you have played some intense sports or lifted some weights. However, it is unnatural to feel sore all over your body, day and night. If you constantly suffer aches and pains long after your physical fitness routine is over, you may be exercising too much.

You Develop an Unnaturally Short Fuse and Temper

Are your friends and family members constantly complaining about your temper? Do you lash out verbally at the people you love, sometimes for no reason at all? It could be because your natural cortisol levels are spiking.

Exercise produces cortisol. That “stress hormone” can cause you to become anxious and anything but relaxed. Excessive exercise can naturally lead to heightened anxiety, where you strike out at others in a sense of frustration because your body and mind are stressed out from not enough down time.