What are Infographics?

Infographics are a mixture of pictorial, data, and writing that is used to visually communicate information to an audience. They are colorful way of depicting a story or data in a visually pleasing manner. Usually, they are vertically designed with three or more points of interesting data.

Infographics are usually 600 pixels wide and 1800 pixels long. Some people have tried horizontal infographics but mostly they are vertical because that is how people tend to read things on the internet.

Infographics are awesome ways to explain hard to understand concepts, or to condense down a lot of information into bite-sized, easily ingestible parts.

Why are Infographics So Popular?

  • We are visual creatures – Humans eyes love to see color, movement, and visual material more than they love to see text. Our eyes are drawn to beautiful imagery, and infographics make it easy to provide that eye candy your audience is looking for.
  • We process images faster than text – Think about road signs. If you’re driving down a road and see a sign that indicates falling rocks or slippery when wet, you know exactly what it means in an instant. But, if you have to read the words, these take as long to process as one image.
  • Infographics help break up the information – Our senses are constantly being bombarded with information and it’s hard for our brains to take a moment and digest everything that is thrown at us. An infographic allows your brain to take a break and digest the meaning of something before moving on.
  • It makes directions more understandable – Have you ever tried to follow directions in a recipe without images? It can be hard. That’s why cookbooks often come with lots of pictures and images. It helps us follow directions better.

Here are some colorful, interesting and informative infographics pertaining to natural health and self care that I have collected. Just click on the links in the menu on the sidebar (or, if you are on your mobile device, scroll down for menu). Enjoy!

Oh, and here’s a simple but good one about something important that we all need to be aware of since the old paradigm that was so ingrained into us for a long time has changed dramatically. The carbohydrates and sugars that were once at the bottom of the pyramid and were meant to be consumed in the largest quantities are now at the top. Fruits and vegetables are now to be eaten the most with the fat and protein sources now in the middle:

The New Food Pyramid