Alternative Healing

Practitioners of Eastern medicine have a different focus than practitioners of Western medicine. This stems from many years of healers on both sides of the world developing their own methods and philosophies in healing.

Eastern Medical Focus

Those who practice East Asian medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, have a strong focus on prevention of disease through various practices such as Qigong, Tai chi, and meditation. The idea is based on the premise that we all have an energy force called “qi” that helps our organs and body systems function better. By regularly practicing these practices, along with acupuncture, which is said to stimulate the flow of qi energy in the body, the various diseases that can occur do not happen. Continue reading

One of the best ways to ensure heart health is to engage in exercises that focus on the mind and body. Most of us think that a good physical health is the only indicator of a healthy heart.

However, research shows that our mood, stress levels and general outlook in life have major effects not only to the body but the heart as well.

Simply put, preventing heart disease requires you to exercise regularly, make smarter food choices and engage in activities that reduce stress.

Here are three mind-body exercises that can improve heart health:

1 -Yoga

Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine and Michelle Williams are all hooked on yoga for a good reason. This practice relaxes the mind and body by using different disciplines, poses and breathing techniques. One of the key goals of yoga is to help a person achieve a state of peacefulness. Practicing yoga regularly can help you manage stress and anxiety effectively. Continue reading

Incorporating Tai Chi into a Holistic Health Care PlanTai Chi can become an important aid to improving overall health in holistic ways. When aiming for holistic health, one must think of improving oneself spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Tai Chi has been found to positively affect all aspects of health, in mind, body, and spirit, the hallmark of holistic medicine’s philosophy.

Tai chi began as a form of martial arts, but soon became a means to health and wellness when the movements are performed in a slow meditative fashion. In modern times, this slow form of Tai Chi is used by more than 250 million people around the world for health and wellness.

Because Tai Chi originates from Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the focus is on the prevention of “dis-ease” rather than on treating diseases that are already in place. TCM’s view stems from the belief that “dis-ease” occurs when the body’s energy is blocked. Tai Chi helps to release this blockage in order for the chee to flow freely through the body, resulting in overall health and wellness. Continue reading