Alternative Healing

Historical Use

The marijuana plant has long been used in medicine as well as in religious rituals for most of pre-historical, medieval and modern history. It has been described in medical texts from China and India as early as 3000 years ago.

The indigenous people of South American have used marijuana in rituals as well as in medicine. In the US, as late as the 1930s, the use of marijuana as a mild sedative and pain reliever was so pervasive that it was taxed. It was only in 1951 that it was declared by law as a drug that was of no medical use and can be potentially abused. Continue reading

The 7 Elements of Vibrational MedicineVibrational medicine is a holistic way of using energy to treat and help improve the health of those who use it. It includes seven elements that make this way of treatment so popular.

Those seven elements are color, light, crystals and gems, sound, aroma, sacred geometry, and touch. The use of color for healing and other benefits didn’t suddenly spring to existence, but has been in use for numerous years.

You may even use a type of vibrational medicine when you use certain colors and not even be aware of the purpose or power behind the soothing ability of the color. You’ll notice that certain colors are more stimulating while others are calming. Sometimes, the use of color is for healing. Continue reading

Woman Doing Virabhadrasana Warrior Yoga PoseOne of the best ways to ensure heart health is to engage in exercises that focus on the mind and body. Most of us think that a good physical health is the only indicator of a healthy heart. However, research shows that our mood, stress levels and general outlook in life have major effects not only to the body but the heart as well. Simply put, preventing heart disease requires you to exercise regularly, make smarter food choices and engage in activities that reduce stress.

Here are 3 mind-body exercises that can improve heart health:

1 -Yoga. Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine and Michelle Williams are all hooked on yoga for a good reason. This practice relaxes the mind and body by using different disciplines, poses and breathing techniques. One of the key goals of yoga is to help a person achieve Continue reading

The Benefits of Yoga - More than a Great BodyMany people get into yoga to improve their body. Over time it helps trim fat and can lead to a lean, healthy physique. But, there are many more benefits to daily practice than the vanity of looking good. Yoga is much more than a great body.

It not only stretches your muscles, builds strength and endurance, it also stimulates your internal organs, helps with balance, helps you to learn focus and concentration. It can be a total body, mind and spirit makeover if you choose for it to be. Many people associate yoga postures with Eastern religion philosophies, but it doesn’t matter which religious tradition you follow, yoga is good for getting to know yourself.

Here are a few benefits of daily yoga practice: Continue reading

Why Heal Your Energy?Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki are considered unusual methods of healing. Why are more and more people being drawn to them? With all the modern medical treatments out there, it may make many wonder why a person would turn to energy healing when they are ill. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Energy healing often works where medicine doesn’t. For those who have tried all available medical methods, energy healing gives them yet one more chance to get well. Often it is the last and only hope some patients believe they have.
  • People see modern medicine as impersonal. Medical treatments are often focused on the disease and its cause, often ignoring the person himself as a human being. Since energy and spirituality are closely connected, the patient feels that all aspects of his health are being attended to.

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