Eating Healthy

If you’re interested in eating right and losing weight in a controlled, healthy manner, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the latest craze to hit the dieting world – the low-carb diets.

But, what you may not know is that this isn’t a phase or a fad diet at all. It is a nutritional approach based solidly in science and biology.

The vast mistake that many people make when thinking low carb, is that they think NO carb. Cutting out carbohydrates (also called carbs) altogether from your diet would be highly dangerous as our bodies need carbohydrates in order to function properly, get and stay in tip-top condition. It is the type of carbohydrates that are important when you consider a low-carb way of eating. Continue reading

Steps to Start a Healthy and Nutritious DietFor those who have never learned to eat in a healthy manner and do not understand proper nutrition, starting to live a healthier lifestyle can seem difficult, but it need not be.With a little knowledge anyone can start on the road to good health.

Healthy eating is essential for maintaining proper body functions, having energy and vitality, and for living a disease-free life. For those who have trouble with healthy eating, breaking unhealthy habits could possibly be the most difficult aspect of the process. But, for those who really want to live the best lifestyle possible, it is essential to adhere to a proper diet and stick with it for the long term.

The best place to start when you wish to begin a Continue reading

How to Go Gluten Free without Losing Out On FlavorMany families these days are choosing to go gluten free. It can be daunting, however, to think about giving up all those wheat-based cereals, crackers, cookies, and breads we so love. But gluten-free cooking can be very flavorful, and there are entire aisles in some natural food stores and grocery stores dedicated to gluten-free foods. Here are some tips on going gluten free without sacrificing flavor.


If you are going to be making your own gluten-free foods, you will need to work without wheat flour. Once again, this does not mean bland and flavorless. Beans and nuts can be ground into flour, as can alternative grains such as rice. You can also purchase pre-ground, gluten-free flours. Continue reading

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