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Health Risks Of ObesityBefore we get into some of the dangers and complications of obesity lets first talk about what obesity is.

When an individual has an excess amount of weight they are considered obese. And while this sounds fairly simple, truth be told obesity is a very complex disorder. It’s not just about the cosmetic aspect. Yes that’s important but there are far more important issues such as the health problems that come along with being obese.

When you are obese you put yourself at risk for heart disease, diabetes, shortened life expectancy and a host of other issues. The good news however is even a modest amount of weight loss can go a long ways in improving your health.

How do You Know if You Are Obese?

If you have a BMI of 30 or more you are considered obese. To find out what your BMI is you will need to divide your weight by your height. Please know BMI doesn’t always directly measure body fat. For example, Continue reading

Get Moving sign with a beach on backgroundNew research results keep confirming what we have suspected all along – sitting is bad for us. But just how bad?

Even if you regularly exercise when not sitting behind your desk, it still significantly raises your risk for diabetes, heart disease (including strokes and heart attacks), obesity and even certain types of cancer. For every two hours of sitting, you raise your risk of colon cancer by 8 percent, endometrial cancer by 10 percent, and lung cancer by 6 percent.


The Mayo Clinic did a study of how sitting affects blood sugar spiking and what they found was amazing. If the study participants went Continue reading

Immune SystemWhat does your immune system do, exactly? Think of your immune system as your natural defense against infection. That is a very simplistic definition, since the way your body fights sickness and disease is incredibly detailed and interconnected. But for a short definition which gets to the point, that is right on the money.

Each person’s natural defense system is composed of the following “lines of defense”:

The 1st Line of Defense – Mechanical and Physical Barriers

This is the first layer of your immune system, the very first thing that infection and disease encounter. This includes the cornea of your eyes, your skin, and membranes which line your reproductive, digestive, urinary and respiratory systems. When this 1st line of defense is healthy, it is difficult (but not impossible) for infection to occur. Continue reading