A List of Common Herbs and Their UsesWhat is making your food taste so good? It could be the fresh ingredients, including the herbs. But, herbs are not just used for cooking – they’re also useful as household remedies and cleaning products.

Herbs have been around for centuries in many capacities. You may be aware of their ability to add new and varied tastes to your food dishes.

If you’ve never been much into using them for anything else, there is another world out there where homemade medicinal remedies utilize herbs. Some of the ones that you see on the following list could do double duty in the kitchen and the sick room.

Here is a list of common culinary herbs you might see and their uses: Continue reading

Herbal RemediesHerbal remedies make use of nature’s bounty to either prevent disease and ailment or to help cure them. Here are some common herbal remedies and what they are good for.

Herb Use

Most herbs are sold today as herbal supplements. Their history is rooted in ancient medical practices. Before there were pills, powders, syrups and injections, there were poultices, pastes, salves, oils and potions supplied to those who needed them.

Even in the age of modern medicine, over three quarters of the world’s population use herbal remedies in one form or another. Because many herbs produce effects similar to prescription drugs, it is recommended that any herbal remedies used or supplements taken be revealed to your physician to avoid interactions. Continue reading

Herbal MedicineThe issues of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria have gotten a lot of attention lately. The concern is that bacteria, having been exposed to antibiotics for so long, have developed a resistance to the antibiotics, creating “superbugs.”

The grim reality is that bacterial infections that used to succumb easily to antibiotics have turned more serious, even deadly.

Interestingly, though, herbs with antibiotic properties seem to elude the bacterial “learning process” and thus do not appear to produce resistant bacteria.

Antibiotic herbs can be used around the home for minor infections and as antiseptics to prevent infection. Here are some of the more useful antibiotic herbs. Continue reading