Mind/Brain Health

7 Activities & Mental Exercises that Keep the Mind Strong as We AgeIn many ways the mind is a like a muscle that must be exercised in order to stay sharp. As we age, our mental faculties are amongst the first things to go. This is because it is less likely that older people are engaging in activities that stretch the mind and force it to really get a good workout on a daily basis.

While children and young adults have things like school and work to keep their mind’s sharp, older adults may find themselves with a lot of time on their hands for leisure activities, such as, watching television and sleeping.

Though there is nothing wrong with leisure time, it should be balanced with activities and mental exercises designed to work out the muscle of your mind to ensure it stays strong and sharp as you age. Continue reading

How Does Positive Thinking Reduce Stress?Does this sound like you? You have heard that positive thinking can have such an amazingly powerful effect on your life. But maybe you are not buying into all that “good thoughts” power. You need proof. So, exactly how does positive thinking reduce stress? What really happens inside your body when you adopt a positive as opposed to negative way of thinking? Let’s take a look.

The Mayo Clinic reports that using positive thinking as a stress management tool can lead to the following benefits:

  • You Live Longer
  • Instances of depression and anxiety are reduced
  • Your natural defense system is boosted
  • You do not catch as many colds (seriously)
  • You develop excellent coping skills
  • A lower risk of heart disease and heart related death

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Improving Your MemoryYou might feel that you have so much information packed in your brain (information overload) that some of it leaks out to make room for something new, resulting in some form of memory loss.

You know there’s nothing wrong with your brain and that you don’t have any health issues that make you forget things sometimes. But you don’t like the times when you can’t always hold on to the information you want.

Information like retaining the names of new people you meet is one example. Wanting to make sure you retain information when studying for exams or learning about new aspects of doing your job is another. You usually have a great memory, but you want to learn ways of improving memory. Continue reading

Healthy Nutrition Is Good For BrainThe brain is the central driver of a human being’s body. Taking care of your brain health can go a long way to keeping your mind active and highly functioning, especially, as you age.

Did you know that you can directly enhance brain functions by choosing to include certain foods in your daily diet?
Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy brain. If you do not eat healthily, your brain simply will not be at its full potential.

Research shows that by eating the right types of food you can greatly enhance brain function , and so, with this in mind, here is some food for thought about your brain and how nutrition plays a crucial role in the way that your brain works. Continue reading

Family LoveSometimes you will hear older adults and senior citizens say that their memory is “slipping”. Often times the elderly can remember in perfect detail the events that occurred decades earlier, but they have a hard time remembering something which happened just the day before. This is a symptom of what the Oxford Journal of Medicine and Health and other respected health organizations call cognitive decline.

The medical community at large considers this a natural symptom of aging. It can also be marked by poor judgment and the inability to process seemingly normal input and information. While diminished mental capacities, as well as physical health problems, do seem to be related to old age, most honest doctors and scientists will admit that the true causes for cognitive decline and diminished mental capacity are not fully understood. Continue reading