Fresh mango juiceJuices and smoothies can be healthy either as a supplement to a meal or meal replacement, but only if you know what ingredients went into making them. With store-bought smoothies and juices, there can be four issues:

Portion Size

As a meal replacement, 16 ounces is a serving; 8 ounces if drunk as part of a meal. But some purveyors have portions up to 64 ounces on their menu. That is anywhere from 4 to 8 times as much as what is considered a portion. The volume is one thing, but you are also getting way calories than you need.

Added Sugar

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Organic and Non Organic FoodsAs the world continues to educate on being more health conscious and environmentally aware, the talk of organic foods has come up. More and more consumers are equipped with the knowledge about the power they have in choosing foods that are better for their health. If you’re considering the switch from organic to non organic foods, educating yourself on the differences is the best way to assure you’re making informed decisions.

What is Organic Food?

If you were to look up the scientific definition of organic you would find it to mean substances that contain carbon which is an essential element in life. However, if you were to assume this was the definition for organic foods you might find that everything you consume is organic. Continue reading

Daily MultivitaminsThe ads all say you should be taking a daily multivitamin. But, can you trust the ads? After all, they are companies trying to sell a product. So, should you believe what the ads say? Why should you take multivitamins? Is it really that important?

Getting your vitamins and minerals from food rather than supplements is the best method to ensure you are receiving all the nutrients your body needs. However, there are several reasons this isn’t always going to work. Many of us just don’t eat right, and even when we do eat right, the nutritional levels in the foods we buy may not be as dense as they could be, or used to be. Multivitamins provide an easy way to get the nutrients you may be missing.

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Top Ten Power Packed FoodsWhat is the secret to a long and healthy life? It is in the food that we eat. As you well know, all foods are not created equal. Choosing and eating the right foods may help increase your life expectancy as well as the quality of your life.

Here are ten of the top power packed foods designed to give you energy, vitality and all around good health!

1 – Beans – If they give you gas, take precautions before you eat them. Soaking them first can help. Beans of all kinds (kidney, navy, lentils, chickpeas, Northern) are high in protein. This is plant protein so it contains very little fat, carbs and calories. If fiber is a problem in your diet, eating a healthy portion of beans each day can keep your digestive system healthy. Continue reading

Organic Meat 101Organic meat must meet strict cultivation standards to carry an organic label. The rules and guidelines vary slightly depending on the type of livestock being discussed. However, the basic expectations of minimal exposure to potential chemicals associated with conventional agriculture practices and minimal human intervention in the growth process guide the raising of animals intended for the organic market.

The popularity and demand from consumers for organic meat is growing. In fact, the popular fast food chain Carl’s JR recently started offering the All Natural burger that is made from grass fed beef.

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