Aging Well

How to Be Fit and Fabulous When Hitting Middle AgeNo, we are not talking about the Middle Ages, but the time in your life when you are not as young as you used to be but not ready for the cane just yet. You are actually in the prime of your life, so strive to let people know it.

When you hit 40 and 50 you are in a unique position. This is usually the time when menopause hits women and bone loss and muscle depletion hit everyone. It is also the time when you can turn things around for yourself both physically and mentally. Think of yourself as being in transition. The best is yet to come.


Getting and staying in shape is important at every age and especially during this transition phase of your life. Don’t feel like all hope is lost. You can start today and reap the benefits of a healthy body for years to come. Continue reading

Nutrition, Organic, Holistic and Healthy words on arrow signsAs people live longer and longer many of us search for a way to slow down the effects of aging. Many people use different creams and gels or go as far as getting surgery in order to keep their youthful appearance. However, there is a holistic approach that we all can use when it comes to aging well.

Holistic medicine, unlike the creams and gels, treats the hidden, underlying cause for the problem and not just the apparent symptoms of the problem. While we will never be able to stop the aging process itself, we can use holistic medicine to slow it down.

Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is easily impacted by day-to-day factors. The truth is that you cannot have good skin if you are not eating right, getting enough sleep, or are under a large amount of stress. Continue reading