Being fit at any age for people is always a struggle but others seem to ease their way to a fitter body. As you grow old there are more problems for us to leap over in order to get fit.

Your bones tend to get weak, joints ache more and your metabolism has slowed down. It is time for you to change your lifestyle and the way you approach foods and activities.

Here are some tips to get you started on your fitness lifestyle:

Know Your Limits

This is perhaps the most essential senior fitness tip. Before you jump right into any exercise habits, you should change your eating habits and make changes in your overall life style, you should know what your limitations are. If you do not know what these may be, you should consult a doctor first. If you have health risks these may limit your options for your exercise and your selections of food. Continue reading

Human beings are intrinsically lazy. If you are comfortably ensconced on your couch and can’t reach the TV remote control, you will just watch whatever is on your television set. Along those same lines, while it is very easy to exercise, it is easier to avoid it. If you hate exercising, but want to benefit from the wonderful physical and mental rewards physical fitness offers, try these tips.

Stop Thinking of Exercise as Exercise

Physical activity is all exercise really is. Playing catch with your dog, joining your children for a walk around your neighborhood and mowing your lawn are all examples of exercise. Find ways to keep physically active that you actually enjoy, and you will find yourself “exercising” more frequently, and loving it. Continue reading

Exercise Provides You with Anti Aging BenefitsBecause of improvements in lifestyles and more accurate medical testing, older people are now reaching their 90th birthday and beyond. But along with aging comes some unpleasant factors to deal with.

Weight gain from sluggish metabolisms, less energy and loss of cognitive function are a few symptoms of aging. There’s an easy and inexpensive way that you can reap some anti aging benefits if you’re a senior.

You can slow the effects of aging and even reserve some age related conditions (like type 2 diabetes) just by exercising. The benefits of exercise have long been known by the majority of the population, but exercise plays an important part in keeping your body young.

As you age, balance issues can be a problem that interferes with your daily activities. With balance issues, comes an increased risk of falling. Exercises that can improve balance and have anti aging benefits include leg lifts, switching weight from one foot to the other and yoga. Continue reading

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