Self Care

Middle-aged Bald Businessman Laughing Out LoudMillions of people around the world have bouts of depression. For some, their depression is Seasonal Affective Disorder whereby they are affected only during the fall and winter months. Others have symptoms of depression on a regular basis and are seeking healing through traditional medicine and counseling. Some choose non-conventional means such as herbal remedies. You may be surprised that you can even laugh your blues away, or at least use laughter as a form of treatment for depression.

There is an old saying that “Laughter is the best medicine.” That concept has been researched for years and there have been reports which explain how laughter – 15 minutes of real, hard belly laughs – can be as good for you as working out for 20 minutes.

Some people who suffer from mild depression may want to include some activities in their day which will produce laughter as a means to reduce their depression. Why laughter? There are many reasons. Continue reading

Woman meditating practicing yoga outdoorsWhenever you have just 10 minutes of free time, you can lower your level of anxiety, reduce stress and enjoy a much more relaxed state of being. That is all the time that is needed for the Relaxation Response meditation technique to calm you down, and it also improves your cardiovascular health.

Created by Harvard physician and bestselling author Doctor Herbert Benson in the 1970’s in the United States, the Relaxation Response delivers the exact opposite physical reaction to your natural “fight or flight” response. When your mind perceives some type of stress or threat, you receive an adrenaline rush, your blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate increase rapidly, as does blood flow to your muscles. Continue reading

Inspiration In MountainsDid you know that getting fit and in shape can actually make you happier? Chronic depression is combated with regular exercise, and aside from helping you return to your natural body weight, regular exercise and other fitness activities are great for your heart and your circulation.

Most fitness experts will tell you that a brief and brisk half hour walk immediately makes you more alert. And intense physical activity of any kind actually stimulates certain brain chemicals which cause you to feel happier and more at peace.

Of course, there are the self-esteem benefits which make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and see how all your hard work is paying off. The key to becoming happier is regular exercise and dedication to your fitness goals. This includes ensuring you are drinking lots of water throughout the day, and changing your lifestyle to include a healthy diet. Continue reading

What Causes Low Self Esteem?Did you know that low self-esteem is almost always curable? Because it is usually not caused by hereditary or ancestral influences, the cause of low self-esteem can be treated by removing it from the picture. Most psychologists agree that when people have a critical or negative view of themselves, the cause is usually environmental. So you simply remove the environment that is causing a low self-image and healthy self-esteem begins to blossom. For instance, stop a bully from physically and mentally abusing a child, and self-esteem begins to return to normal.

Psychology Today has pointed out several key influencers of low self-esteem. Are any of the following factors present in the life of a child or adult you know that has a poor self-image? Continue reading

How to Keep Your Stress Levels in CheckWhy is it so important to de-stress your life? Because frequent stress and anxiety, when untreated, can lead to …

… a weak immune system
… heart problems
… acid reflux, heartburn
… high blood pressure
… migraines, headaches and backaches
… chronic fatigue
… diabetes

The key is in keeping your cortisol levels in check. Cortisol, better known as the “stress hormone”, can wreak havoc on many of your Continue reading