Weight Loss

Lose Weight for Better Joint HealthYour body is an amazing network of bones and muscles, tendons, nerves and more. By maintaining a healthy body weight, you give your body the ability to stay at optimal performance.

When you carry more weight than your body frame was supposed to support, you may start to notice aches and pains in your ankles, in your knees and in other joint areas. At times, it might even feel like you can barely move.

Or you might discover that sitting still for a few minutes and then getting up makes you feel a lot older than you really are because it hurts to straighten upright. You might even find yourself starting to limit activities you used to enjoy doing because of the pain in your joints. Continue reading

The Fat Burning Powers of LemonsCan you think of anything quite as refreshing as ice water with a squirt of fresh lemon on a hot day? Did you know that adding lemon to your diet can actually help you lose weight? If you haven’t heard about the fat burning powers of lemon, keep reading. You might be surprised.

Recent studies have indicated citrus fruit, especially lemons, may be able to boost your ability to burn fat. This is possible because lemons are said to increase the body’s metabolism. It manipulates the body’s thermogenic process which means you’ll burn stored fat and calories more efficiently than in the past.

Eating lemons, or adding fresh juice in your water, can actually change the pH level in your body. If your body is more acidic than alkaline you might experience increased weight loss. More research is Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Weight LossBeing around long before carb and calorie counting (beating by a few centuries), hypnosis is a tool that has been around for longer than you can remember. However, very few have taken note of this age-old, attention-sharpening-and-focusing technique as an integral part of a weight loss strategy.

Back then, the scientific evidence to support the legitimate claims of even the most respected hypnotherapists has been very minimal. Plus, the stage hypnotists, the not-so-medically-helpful of hypnotherapists, didn’t boost hypnosis’ reputation.

Heck! Even in the mid-nineties where 18 hypnotic studies were reanalyzed…studied where clients learned the ropes of self-hypnosis and lost two times more than those who don’t…hypnotherapy remained as Continue reading

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