Weight Loss

Jumpstart Your MetabolismWe can all use a metabolism boost once in a while. Sometimes we just feel sluggish or heavy and other times we’re ready to embark on a fitness routine and need a little “oomph” to get us going. Whatever the situation, these tips will help you kick-start your metabolism into its optimum point.

1 – Eat little and often. When we eat overly large meals we slow our system down. This is because our digestive system is working overtime to digest all the extra food. Once your system is finished doing all that hard work, it simply wants to slow down and rest.

It makes perfect sense then, that by eating small meals regularly throughout the day, you keep your system running at its optimum. Your body is better able to quickly and easily digest the smaller amount of food and Continue reading

Workout And Fitness Dieting Copy Space Diary.People all over the country are trying to lose weight. They may try counting calories, skipping meals, cutting out certain foods, or working out long hours to try to pare the pounds. One thing weight-loss experts recommend to anyone trying to slim down is that they create a food journal to help lose weight.

You can create a food journal out of any number of materials. You can get a three-ring binder with notebook paper, a spiral ring notebook, create a journal to suit your needs, or print out pre-made food journals which you find on the internet.

The purpose of a food journal is to track what you’ve eaten during the day. This will give you an accurate picture of what you’ve eaten all day long. It will ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need as well as helping you keep track of how much water you’re getting each day. Continue reading

Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?Yoga physically burns fewer calories than traditional exercising like jogging or running. But because of the internal and external changes your physical body undertakes when you consistently practice yoga, you can find yourself losing more weight than when you perform more intense exercises over time.

Beth Lewis is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology in the United States (Kinesiology is basically a study of human movement, and the mechanics behind it). She has stated that regular yoga exercising tends to influence weight loss more than it directly causes it.

The regular weight loss you are familiar with is when you burn more calories than you consume. And to a small extent, yoga will contribute to your weight loss efforts in this way. But the spiritual and Continue reading

Weight Loss Methods to Avoid at All CostsDue to an unhealthy diet of fast and fatty foods packed with preservatives and other nutritional nasties, many people find themselves with a desire and a need for weight loss. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced society, many people who are overweight attempt to employ dangerous diets and shortcuts to help them reach their weight loss goals. Just make sure you adopt a sensible strategy, and look out for these weight loss methods you should avoid at all costs.

Diet Pills

Even Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n Roll, turned to diet pills when he was trying to lose the excess weight he gained by living an unhealthy lifestyle. Dangerous, addictive and even deadly in some cases, Continue reading

Eating HealthyDiets sound good in theory, but everything can quickly go out the window when we find ourselves craving foods we shouldn’t. Cravings are so powerful that many of us give up our new healthy eating plans altogether. If you’re trying to lose weight or get healthy, here are some ways to reduce those annoying cravings.

1) Don’t Try to Cut Out Too Much

Trying to cut out all of your favorite foods in one go could make it a lot harder to fight the cravings. Instead, make all changes gradually. It takes time, but you can get used to going without certain foods or drinks. Continue reading