Cocoa powder is a great way to help with that chocolate craving without adding a lot of calories. Of course you need a bit of sweetness to go with it which is why this recipe also includes bananas and a bit of coconut! These are a favorite at parties and with kids as well. They take minutes to make so you’ll want to keep the ingredients on hand after the first time you make them.


1 banana
1 tbsp. cocoa powder
3 tbsp. toasted coconut
(Optional) Chocolate syrup for drizzle


Put the cocoa powder on one small plate and the coconut on another.

Cut the banana in several thick slices. Cut at a 45 degree angle to create longer slices.

Roll the outside edges in the cocoa powder. Shake the excess off carefully.

Dip the top and bottom in the toasted coconut.

If there is any remaining coconut, sprinkle it on the top of the slices.

(Optional) Drizzle a little bit of chocolate syrup over the top.