There is nothing like a great sandwich filled with flavorful and natural ingredients. One of my favorite combos is avocado and tomato, but when you use hummus as a base it brings it all to the next level.

You can buy any flavor of hummus you want. When buying it I like to go with sun dried tomato or garlic. Ideally I make it myself when possible, but we all know that sometimes life is a little too busy for that!


2 slices of your favorite whole grain bread (I like something with sprouted wheat.)
1 roma tomato
1 avocado


Optional: Slightly toast your wheat bread.

Slice your tomato into round slices. Cut your avocado in half. Wrap the side with the seed (leave the seed in to keep it fresh) and put it back in the fridge. Peel the remaining half and cut it into several strips.

Spread hummus over one of the pieces of bread. Add enough tomato slices to cover the slide of bread. Add 3-5 of the avocado strips.

Put the other piece of bread on top. Enjoy!