Decorating with Dried Flowers and Other Living ThingsWhen decorating your home, there are many ways to bring life in from the outdoors. A great way to bring the outdoor elements in without having to worry about upkeep is by drying things out before using them in your home. Everything from flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies can be dried out and used in this way. It brings life but keeps things simple and easy, since these items no longer have to be watered or cared for.

Here are some ideas if you are interested in decorating with dried outdoor items.


Flowers are probably one of the most popular dried items to decorate with. They are very well known in Victorian-style décor, but can be used anytime and anywhere. To dry the flowers out, keep them on the stem and hang them upside down until all moisture has left them completely. You can then keep them on the stem, or use the flower alone.

Try arranging them as though they are living, such as in bunches. You can also create a natural homemade potpourri to display them in. Wherever you choose for them to be, they will be a great addition to your décor.

Herbs and Spices

Decorating with dried herbs takes a little creativity, as it is not something you see every day. There are many things you can do to make them fit into the room of your choice, however. Try hanging a cluster of each herb variety on a branch, and display it in your kitchen. Or use them as a unique accent in a wreath. For a creative way to decorate with a common spice, try making a candle holder with sticks of cinnamon forming an upright circle which surround the candle.

Fruits and Vegetables

Potpourri is a popular way to display dried fruits. Dried oranges, apples and cranberries make a beautiful display and leave a nice scent in the air. To dry out large fruits such as apples and citrus fruits, cut them into thin slices or peel the skin off with a special peeler.

Corn is a popular vegetable to dry and use in decorating. Try drying it on the cob, and then hanging bunches from the roof. This can add to your fall holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

Dried gourds is another classy-looking item to add to your home decorations. Drying them may take up to one month. Check on them often and get rid of any that become spoiled. You will know when they are ready by the sound of seeds rattling inside.

Grains and Legumes

Grains and legumes add an earthy and homey feel to your kitchen and eating area. You can create a grain wreath using the entire plant. Gather together several clusters of various grains and put them together for a country feel. You can also take the grains by themselves and pour into a glass container for display.

Using dried flowers and other items is a great way to put an individual touch into your decorating. Try a few of these ideas as you are sure to be pleased with the outcome of your efforts. Put a little of the outdoors into your home in a unique way that everyone will enjoy.