Focus on Clean Eating for a Healthier LifeIf you watch the news or any type of media at all, you know that our dietary habits can help us live longer or cut our lives short. There are fad diets and trending diets, but the clean eating plan is one that can keep you healthy for life.

Preservatives and the way foods are processed can sometimes make good foods into unhealthy ones. Some are grown with chemicals and others are overly processed until we can?t even recognize what the food originally looked or tasted like. Here are ways to focus on a clean eating lifestyle and become the healthiest you can be:

  1. Say “Goodbye” to sugar – Sugar is found in more foods than pastries and other sweets. Your weight issues will be addressed and you’ll also note that you aren’t craving sweets so much anymore.
  2. Drink lots of water – Improve your immune system and aid your digestion by drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Water will also help to rid your body of toxins that could cause diseases and make any chronic condition worse.
  3. Choose fresh items when possible – When you notice words on labels that you can’t even pronounce, it’s probably not a food you should eat. Choose from grass-fed meats, whole grains and organic green produce.
  4. Choose wise food combinations – Protein such as chicken and legumes along with complex carbohydrates such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains make up a wise food combination that can keep you energetic, burn excess fat and ward off hunger pangs.
  5. Eat slowly and watch your portions – Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you’re content. When you eat past the point of contentment, you’ll compromise your digestion system. Also, drink plenty of water during the day to prevent sudden hunger cravings.
  6. Eat several small meals per day (You’ll boost your metabolism and never be hungry if you eat like a baby) – several small meals per day. Eating small amounts of food every couple of hours keeps your metabolism humming.
  7. Always eat breakfast – Breakfast starts your day off on the right foot. A simple breakfast of oatmeal, fruit and an egg will keep you happy and full until a snack in the mid-morning.

Before you embark on any lifestyle change, take some time to meditate and ask yourself (and the universe) what it is you want to change in your life. Is it your weight, health, vitality?

You may also want to revisit old photos or videos of you during a healthier, happier time. A clean eating plan can help restore your health and reach a place where you’re happier with your lifestyle.