Hypnotherapy and Weight LossBeing around long before carb and calorie counting (beating by a few centuries), hypnosis is a tool that has been around for longer than you can remember. However, very few have taken note of this age-old, attention-sharpening-and-focusing technique as an integral part of a weight loss strategy.

Back then, the scientific evidence to support the legitimate claims of even the most respected hypnotherapists has been very minimal. Plus, the stage hypnotists, the not-so-medically-helpful of hypnotherapists, didn’t boost hypnosis’ reputation.

Heck! Even in the mid-nineties where 18 hypnotic studies were reanalyzed…studied where clients learned the ropes of self-hypnosis and lost two times more than those who don’t…hypnotherapy remained as a secret for dropping off those unwanted and unwelcomed pounds.

BUT here’s the thing: you already know the secret! And if you are not convinced of this weight loss ‘secret’, the reasons why hypnosis is effective for losing weight will get your head nodding. 

The Solution Is Within You

Not another crash diet…not another appetite suppressant – everything you need to succeed in your weight loss endeavors is within you! Slimming down isn’t really about the latest or the fastest…it’s about trusting your own, innate abilities. It’s just like riding a bicycle.

Perhaps you don’t know how afraid you were when you first tried to ride your bike. However, you kept practicing until you nailed it down…riding it automatically without any hiccups. Perhaps, losing weight right now seems way beyond you…yet after finding your balance through hypnosis, you will surely find your balance.

Focus On The Positive

Negative suggestions and mental approaches such as: “Doughnuts will just make you sick” will work…for a while! However, when it comes to losing weight, you want to keep those pounds off. You want something that works in the long run. And to get that, you need positive reinforcement.

One of the most effective and positive hypnotic suggestion has been devised by a hypnotherapist tandem of father and son, Dr. Herbert and Dr. David Spiegel:

“For my body, too much food is damaging. I need my body to live. I owe my body respect and protection.”

You can use this positive and upbeat mantra…or you can use something that’s your own…something that you can understand and, more importantly, relate to on a personal level.

What’s Imaginable Is Possible

If you can imagine it, it will come! This is one of the cornerstones of hypnosis. Athletes gearing up for a competition prepare themselves by visualizing victory. In the same vein, visualizing healthy eating gears you up for a fitter and healthier life ahead.

If you find it too tough to imagine, no problem Just dig up an old photograph when you are still happy and comfortable with your figure. Remember all of the things you did back then. Resurrect those healthy routines you did day in and day out.

Have 2 Strategies!

Two heads are better than one. Surely, you are familiar with that old adage. In the same manner, two strategies are better than one! When it comes to shedding off those pounds and keeping your slim and healthy figure, having a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as well as hypnotherapy is the most effective way.

Clients who undergo both, according to research, lose twice as much weight and don’t fall back to their old and weight-gaining habits.

In Conclusion…

Hypnosis is more than just about stage performance – making other people walk on burning coal or cluck like chicken. Drop those excess pounds with hypnotherapy and keep them off NOW!