The 7 Elements of Vibrational MedicineVibrational medicine is a holistic way of using energy to treat and help improve the health of those who use it. It includes seven elements that make this way of treatment so popular.

Those seven elements are color, light, crystals and gems, sound, aroma, sacred geometry, and touch. The use of color for healing and other benefits didn’t suddenly spring to existence, but has been in use for numerous years.

You may even use a type of vibrational medicine when you use certain colors and not even be aware of the purpose or power behind the soothing ability of the color. You’ll notice that certain colors are more stimulating while others are calming. Sometimes, the use of color is for healing.

The color used depends on the purpose needed for the individual user of the therapy. For example, the color blue can help with headaches and brings a calmness, a steadiness despite the hectic trials of life you may be experiencing. The color orange is thought to help with emotional stress and is beneficial for those who are fighting a battle with depression.

To experience the light in vibrational medicine means that through the use of specific instruments, you’ll gain the essential frequency that contributes to your overall well-being.

Light is needed to open the body up to good health and positive mental attitudes as well. When we walk in darkness, the light doesn’t shine from our bodies. Having our light darkened can affect the whole body.

Having the proper amount of light causes our body to be able to fight off diseases and illnesses and creates a center of peace within us that lends to the ability of being able to better handle day to day stresses.

Chakra is considered part of the terminology related to practicing yoga. In this, the body is thought to have specific areas where energy is within the body. By placing crystals and gems onto these areas, it’s thought to bring the body into a healing that many seek after.

Another element of this medicine is sound. Sound is all around you. But the type of sound you hear every day can weigh on your nerves – the honking of car horns, the incessant barking of dogs, the screech of music blaring, the noise of many people talking at once – all this can create a silent turmoil within your body. Sound therapy can return the body to a much-needed harmony and soothe the emotions.

Aroma in vibrational medicine may be part of the medicine that you’ve heard of by the term aromatherapy. This therapy is found in the scents of items that can relax you and help give you freedom from what affects you negatively.

Sacred geometry is the part of the medicine that brings harmony and order to the body. Vibrational medicine also includes touch, which is part of the holistic practice of bringing the body’s energy into sync for better emotional and physical healing.