You’ve probably heard of a colon cleanse. Now, we are going to discuss what benefits you can receive from a cleansing of the liver. Should you do it? After reading about some of the benefits below, you decide.

The colon is cleansed to remove all of the gunk that has accumulated there. It is said that many people have at least six pounds of undigested red meat in their intestines.

Yuck! Cleansing removes this food that can cause the digestive system to move slowly and you to feel bloated or worse.

The liver can stand to have a cleansing from time to time as well. It is a filtering gland that produces bile to remove toxins and break down food. When we consume unhealthy foods and beverages, the liver has to work that much harder to keep our blood clean.

When toxin levels are allowed to increase in the body, all sorts of problems result. Our digestive system can seem out of whack with diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel and other pains. We may feel tired and have problems with elevated enzymes in the liver.

It may be time for a liver cleansing. As with any type of external cleansing, consult your doctor about how you should go about it and even if it is necessary for you. Even with eating well, your liver may still need extra TLC to keep you going.

The object of the liver cleanse is to get ahead of the toxin process. By removing excess toxins that have been introduced into the body by pollution, bad habits, unhealthy foods and stress, the liver can begin again and hopefully work better.

You may need to consider a liver cleanse if you are showing signs of a sluggish liver. One of the signs that we touched on above is fatigue. People who are obese can have livers that are working below standard levels. Those with digestive issues, allergies and metabolic issues could benefit from liver cleansing.

So how do you go about it? Here is a little information. Your health care professional can recommend a commercial liver cleansing product. It could be in pill or maybe powder form. When cleansing your liver, stick to the guidelines as far as duration and what to eat and drink.

A liver cleanse is best performed over a long weekend. At first when the toxins are moving, you may encounter digestive concerns (like flatulence or diarrhea – you get the picture) and work is not the best place to be in that situation.

As a result of the cleansing, you may notice a change in your body. Elevated energy levels, normal liver function tests, lack of fluid retention and weight loss can all occur.

Is your liver overworked and underpaid? How about a liver cleansing procedure to remove built up toxins? Also, cleanse your colon for maximum effect.