Self Care

Improve Your Life by Being GratefulDo you wake up in the morning looking forward to the challenges that the day will bring you? Or do you find that you are more fearful of what lies ahead for you? If the latter is true then it is time to start working on improving your mindset and learning how to be grateful for what you have.

Showing that you are grateful to others doesn’t mean you have to be all smiles and always be giving people compliments. It does mean though that you need to make an effort to acknowledge those around you.

There are lots of small ways that you can show how grateful you are to others. Just smiling and nodding your head are two simple, yet effective ways of doing just this. You could try to say “thank you” to people a little more often too. Continue reading

3 Ways to Instantly Relax and Decrease StressThere’s no question that stress causes disease. It’s been directly linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease just to name a few. It also negatively affects your immune system and can make you feel grumpy, tired, and unhappy.

Stress is a part of life. There are bills to pay, friends and family to get along with, and challenges to overcome. However, how you handle stress is completely within your control. When you’re feeling stressed you can let your emotions take over, or you can take steps to instantly relax and decrease stress.

1 – Take Deep Cleansing Breaths

The first step to any relaxation exercise is to realize that you’re stressed. Begin to learn the signals your body sends when it Continue reading

Natural Anti-DepressantsIt’s not unusual for people to feel a little down now and again. If you’ve been feeling down more often than usual you’ll want to talk with a doctor before taking any natural or prescription remedies to combat depression. While a doctor may give you a prescription, there are also some natural anti-depressants you can try.

Many people choose herbal remedies to treat depression because they are believed to have fewer side effects. It is important to speak with your doctor before doing so, however, because some herbs can have an adverse reaction with medicines you’re already taking. Natural remedies can have drug interactions which could be dangerous so please keep that in mind before choosing one of these natural anti-depressants.

St. John’s Wort has been used as a natural Continue reading

How Seniors Can Benefit from Music TherapyGrowing older can be frustrating. Besides all of the aches and pains associated with aging, many seniors begin developing problems remembering or being able to focus. Scientists and health professionals are beginning to see how seniors can benefit from music therapy. It may be something you want to consider to help seniors in your life.

What exactly is music therapy? Music therapy is an activity in which a qualified person uses music, whether listening or learning to play, as a means to bring about positive changes in a person’s cognitive, physical, psychological, or social functioning.

The ultimate goal of music therapy is to improve a patient’s or client’s quality of life. This is done through encouraging them to Continue reading

7 Ways to Relax Before You Go to BedDo you find it hard to relax at the end of a long day? Are you one of those people that tosses and turns all night long, worrying and stressing over situations in your life? If so, then you know that this can lead to poor sleep patterns.

You wake up tired and grouchy and reach for a sugar-filled caffeine “pick me up”, not the healthiest way to start the day. The following 7 tips will help you relax before you go to bed, so you naturally sleep restfully and start each and every day at your fullest potential.

1 – Program proper sleep with a routine

Develop a set pre-sleep schedule of activities. Let your brain know it is time to shut down. This means limiting stressful thoughts and Continue reading