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5 Ways Pharmaceutical Medicine is Harming your HealthIn a medically-advanced society, pharmaceutical drugs are common choices for the treatment of different health problems. After all, they are prescribed and recommended by medical professionals, which is why many people believe they can actually prove to be effective.

However, while they may actually cure you from a specific illness, it is inevitable that they can also be damaging to your health. Worse, some are even reported to be a precursor of other serious health problems, which can be harder to treat.

Annually, there are millions of visits in hospitals reported to be because of an adverse reaction from pharmaceutical medicine. This is quite alarming, and has given some people sufficient reason to stop its use and instead resort into alternative natural medicine, which is asserted to be safe while also being able to be effective. Continue reading

Reversing Disease with DietThere is no ambiguity among professionals that a diet that helps you maintain a normal body weight will help you stay healthy, but did you know that you can actually reverse certain diseases with your diet?

The most common food borne illnesses like type II diabetes, clogged arteries, and other diet related diseases can be virtually eliminated in most people with a sound diet plan consisting of mostly high fiber vegetables, grains, legumes, and fruit.

The scientific evidence is so strong that even large health organizations such as Kaiser Permanente have suggested shifting to a plant based diet for maximum health.

Studies are overwhelmingly showing that a diet that is low in trans fats and high in plant based, unprocessed foods will change health outcomes – and may even overcome what some people think of as genetics in terms of obesity, diabetes or getting heart disease. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Choose Natural, Safe Home RemediesAre you suffering from a headache, cold, flu, fever, cough, body pain, arthritis, acne, and other health problems? Well, do not fret as you are no alone with such a predicament.

There are many people who might be having the same fate as you, making them unproductive as well to function at work or with the things they do in their everyday life.

In such instances, what is it that you first think about? I am pretty sure many would say having a visit to the doctor or using over-the-counter drugs and other commercially available remedies to treat your condition.

While these things may indeed prove to be effective, the problem is that they can have significant side effects and may indeed worsen your situation rather than having it resolved. Continue reading

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