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Save Your Health - Eat Real FoodHave you ever taken a moment to think back a few years and reflect on the life that your parents and grand-parents had? What types of foods did they eat, and do you remember if they grew their own fruits and veggies?

I certainly remember my grand-mother having a greenhouse full of cucumbers and tomatoes. My dad grew Brussel sprouts and potatoes in our garden. And yes, mom always did cook a home-made meal that consisted of meat, potatoes and veggies, plus of course some type of dessert.

Today, for many families, finding the time to cook a home-made meal is often impossible. Both parents work, the kids have after school activities and homework and time just seems to fly by. Continue reading

5 Health Benefits of Ditching Your Car and WalkingWalking more and sitting less provides multiple health benefits. Your heart gets stronger, and healthy oxygen is pumped throughout your body where it is put to work powering all of your inner and exterior physiological systems and functions. When it comes right down to it, you know you should be physically active more often. As an incentive to “ditching” your car when it is not really needed, take a look at the following 5 health benefits delivered by walking instead of driving.

1 – You Will Live Longer

The Archives of Internal Medicine have released some scary statistics about sitting. Sit between 8 and 11 hours a day and you are 15% more likely to die from any cause than those who sit for 4 hours or less daily. You probably do not spend several hours driving in your car every day. Continue reading

3 Ways to Cut Down on Sugar in Your DrinksIf you are looking for ways to improve your diet and to create healthier eating habits, one thing that you can look at is how you can cut down on the amount of sugar you consume through your drinks.

A high level of sugar can be found in quite a lot of beverages so it can be hard to work out how to remove it from your diet, especially when you really enjoy that sugar hit. Here are 3 simple tips that can help you to reduce your sugar.

1 – Drink Your Hot Beverage Without Sugar

If you like to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning and if you drink quite a few cups during the day, those little teaspoons of sugar can Continue reading

5 Ways Pharmaceutical Medicine is Harming your HealthIn a medically-advanced society, pharmaceutical drugs are common choices for the treatment of different health problems. After all, they are prescribed and recommended by medical professionals, which is why many people believe they can actually prove to be effective. However, while they may actually cure you from a specific illness, it is inevitable that they can also be damaging to your health. Worse, some are even reported to be a precursor of other serious health problems, which can be harder to treat.

Annually, there are millions of visits in hospitals reported to be because of an adverse reaction from pharmaceutical medicine. This is quite alarming, and has given some people sufficient reason to stop its use and instead resort into alternative natural medicine, which is asserted to be safe while also being able to be effective. In the rest of this article, you will learn Continue reading

5 Reasons to Choose Natural, Safe Home RemediesAre you suffering from a headache, cold, flu, fever, cough, body pain, arthritis, acne, and other health problems? Well, do not fret as you are no alone with such a predicament. There are many people who might be having the same fate as you, making them unproductive as well to function at work or with the things they do in their everyday life. In such instances, what is it that you first think about? I am pretty sure many would say having a visit to the doctor or using over-the-counter drugs and other commercially available remedies to treat your condition. While these things may indeed prove to be effective, the problem is that they can have significant side effects and may indeed worsen your situation rather than having it resolved.

This brings us to the importance of natural home remedies. If you go online and research about homemade treatments for arthritis, Continue reading