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Skin-Smoothing Body ScrubsSkin-smoothing or exfoliating body scrubs can sure be expensive, and there are concerns that they contain harmful chemicals such as dyes, colors and fragrances. Why not make your own? They may be a lot healthier, and they’re certainly cheaper. Here are some recipes for skin-smoothing body scrubs.

1 – From the Ground Up

Coffee grounds have a reputation for smoothing out cellulite-ridden areas of the skin. Their texture is also good for exfoliating, and you can’t beat the wonderful smell.

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Is Aloe Vera Effective in Treating Hair Loss?On average, we lose approximately 100 strands of hair per day. Seeing a few strays of hair on your hairbrush or on your bathroom floor is perfectly normal. However, if you notice that your hair is shedding more than usual and the amount of hair on your head is visibly thinner, this may be a cause for alarm. There are many different factors that can cause this problem and they include stress, hormonal imbalance, illness, medication, skin conditions and age just to name a few.

If your hair loss is not that severe, you may want to resort to natural remedies first before trying more expensive, invasive treatments. One of the most popular inexpensive treatments for this condition is aloe vera. This plant has been used for centuries to cure different ailments and treat a lot of skin and hair problems. Aloe has shown positive effects in preventing Continue reading

Jojoba Oil BenefitsIf you’re interested in natural skincare and beauty then you’ve probably heard about some of the many jojoba oil benefits. Jojoba oil is an extract from the seeds of the jojoba tree that looks like an oil but is actually a wax. Jojoba oil is special because, out of all the natural extracts, it’s the closest in nature to the oils found in human skin. As such you’ll find it in a huge number of beauty products, and it has a wide variety of uses both on its own and mixed with other ingredients.

8 Jojoba Oil Benefits

 1 – Moisturizer: Jojoba, applied directly to the skin, can moisturize for the whole day. It won’t evaporate, and it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

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Concept Of Aging And Skin CareWhen cell damage occurs, it can lead to skin that looks older than it is. But cell damage can also cause a lot of trouble for the body when free radicals attack your body’s cells both inward and outward.

When cells are damaged by free radicals, a reaction begins in the membrane of the cell. This reaction can lead you to develop certain diseases – and in some cases can lead to a cancer diagnosis.

The power to stop the reaction in the cells by the free radicals begins with the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants work like stop signs in the body. The power of antioxidants can protect your body on the inside so that you’ll have smooth, soft skin on the outside. Continue reading

Vitamin A Keeps You Looking YoungerAs kids, we don’t understand why it’s important to make sure we get enough rest, get enough exercise and eat right. But as adults, we understand the link between healthy eating to get the right vitamin intake and how it can make us look younger than we actually are.

Vitamins are broken down as either fat or water soluble elements. This just means it’s how they’re broken down in the body or how they dissolve. One of the important vitamins for looking younger is Vitamin A. This vitamin is also known as retinol and is fat soluble.

Usually the first sign of aging shows up on the outer layer of skin. You’ll notice that your skin doesn’t look as healthy. It might start to look and feel drier and even begin to flake. Continue reading